Echuca candidates, do you think council has done the best job possible?

October 02, 2016

EIGHT candidates will contest Campaspe Shire’s Echuca ward next month.

The Riverine Herald asked each of them seven questions below.

Current mayor Leigh Wilson (Rochester ward), Adrian Weston (Waranga ward) and Leanne Pentreath (Western ward) will be returned to council unopposed so were not included in the questionnaire.

Voting for the election closes on October 21 before the election is declared on October 31.

Their answers, in ballot order, are as follows:

Paul Jarman

IN MOST cases I think the council has done the best job they can.

Thomas Weyrich


Once again I refer to conflicts of interests.

Without doubt there are some very good councillors but there just seems to be this disconnect between this council and the community.

Annie Vickers

Since the new chief executive (Jason Russell) I think it’s far more transparent.

I think things are coming together but for a long time there was no transparency. You couldn’t ask questions.

But with new chief executive and his staff I think it is more transparent at the moment and you can get answers for your questions.

Kris Munro


I think it’s always a challenge when you’ve got a number of people with different views and ideas for any councils across the state.

I think they’ve done not a bad job considering some of the things they’ve had to deal with such as rate capping, which has been an issue across the state not just for Campaspe.

Eric Grumont

IN SOME aspects they have done quite well.

In others I think they are short term gain things, like the swimming pools.

Our local swimming pool — the RSL pool — I would love to know how much money that has made or cost the community.

Because when the shire took it over it was supposed to be, after three years, making a profit.

I don’t believe the other pools should be closed because they were put there by the community and the community should have a say.

Peter Williams

PEOPLE would be surprised if I said I was impressed with council’s job this last term.

There are councillors that are good, average and poor. It’s no different to any other council across the state.

Has council significantly changed things since they were elected?

As an external observer I believe they have failed to achieve most things they claimed they would at the beginning of their term.

I think that has a lot to do with their naivety at the start about what they perceived the problems were.

One of the huge problems local government has is people don’t understand and are not interested in understanding what council does.

And it’s hard for council to get the message out there.

How do you get people who are tuned out to pay attention? It’s very hard.

Rohan Burgess

I THINK council can always improve.

Daniel Mackrell

COUNCIL can always improve.

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