Echuca ward candidates, what can you offer?

October 01, 2016

Paul Jarman

I LISTEN, I work hard and I deliver on issues.

And the experience of the past four years I have fought for a better outcome for Echuca and Campaspe Shire and I have a list of achievements I have been part of either as a group of councillors or a councillor to try and make a difference like:

Efficiencies in councils – we have reduced wages in real costs. We have reduced staff numbers in real terms and I believe ratepayers have a right to expect a council that is efficient, caring and provides an environment for people to have a go in whatever section of the community they may belong to.

Some key projects that we’ve delivered, on top of the efficiencies one, is over $2 million dollars has been spent on the Echuca South football ground and Vic Park to bring them up to higher standards than what they were in the past, which was one of my election promises last time.

The widening of McSwain Rd to make it a safer community transport.

The entrances finally to Echuca — the design work is finally being done after decades of nothing being done, which I pushed personally.

Oglivie Avenue is finally being upgraded and the work starts any moment.

Community consultation has been improved in real terms by the introduction of complaint handling procedures, consultation processes that officers must follow and compliance issues being handled under strict policy so that everyone is treated fairly.

Big projects like the Riverboat Dock are fully funded and about to start.

The Art Gallery was a big topic last time. I personally pushed for the opening and the funding for that of which it is now opening and growing.

Other things I’m proud of that I’ve brought to table is in economic development we’ve now got an economic development plan — we’ve increased funding in that area.

The rural land use strategy has now been completed which allows certainty for farmers.

And there’s many other things that I am proud of and happy to be judged by.

Thomas Weyrich


My 17 years as a councillor has taught me a lot about protocols and procedures. I am very aware of how local government works and I am very aware of the relationship local government has with the state government.

Annie Vickers

WHAT you see is what you get.

And I’ve got no hidden agendas.

I’m standing because I believe everyone whinges. But if you’re whingeing stand up and be counted for what you believe in.

Kris Munro

OF THE eight nominees I am the only one who doesn’t have a vested interest in either the Port or a small business.

I can relate to the majority of people.

I am a grass roots representative for not only the ward but the shire.

So I think my advantage is I don’t have a vested interest in the Port.

Eric Grumont

THAT if someone asks a question I will do my best to find out an answer and get back to them as quick as I can.

It’s not us against you or us against them. It’s more about diplomacy. I’ve been here 30 years and most of those years have been in tourism.

I’ve been in the community a long time and seen a lot of negative things in the shire and a lot of good things.

Peter Williams

I THINK I have a wealth of experience.

What I would bring to the table is a huge corporate knowledge, as well as an understanding of the history, which can be critical when making decisions.

I also understand how business works.

In the end what you need is not only a person with common sense but a person everyone likes.

You want someone to manage a huge organisation with a large number of staff. They also have to manage the budget.

You need a councillor with the skill-set to do that.

So immodestly I think I am well positioned to deliver that.

Rohan Burgess

A FRESH approach — someone new and someone outside.

I’m going to be an outsider.

Daniel Mackrell

AN OPEN mind to what the community of the Echuca ward are after but also what is in the whole Shire of Campaspe.

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