What should council give up to invest in Ky?

September 30, 2016

Neil Pankhurst

John Zobec

Neil Repacholi

Vicki Neele

FIVE candidates will contest Campaspe Shire’s Kyabram ward next month.

All were invited to take part in a questionnaire with Henry Russell Longuehaye-Hooper the only candidate to refuse after being unable to access the questions in advance.

The rest of the responses are below in ballot order.

Neil Pankhurst

THE Kyabram ward covers so much more than just Kyabram ... so that’s one of the challenges of being a councillor in the Kyabram ward.

It comes back to making sure the organisation is able to support all the communities based on their needs at the time.

Agriculture — it’s important we get policy right to protect and encourage agricultural investment because that’s so critical to the area.

But also that we’ve got the infrastructure in place in the larger areas to help us value add those products and benefit the economy.

Vicki Neele

I DON’T that it’s always about giving up goals. I think it’s about structuring the real goals and tapping into resources.

I think community groups make things happen and it’s about giving more credibility to these groups to allow that.

So by saying ‘Well let’s give up on the Port’ – that’s not a solution.

We need a comprehensive plan and there needs to be fairness.

Rather than give something up, ensure there is fairness, and that smaller communities are given the capacity to benefit the shire that they are perhaps not given at the moment.

John Zobec

I THINK there is a need to streamline our affairs and as I said before and be strategic about our assets.

An important asset is our roads. It’s important we look to maintain them, and we need to achieve savings so that is possible.

Neil Repacholi

BASICALLY there needs to be a review of recurrent expenditures; overheads and salaries.

It’s been done in lots of other shires.

Many have done a solid review but I haven’t seen one in Campaspe.

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