Kyabram: What is the ratepayers’ perception of council?

September 30, 2016

Neil Pankhurst

Neil Repacholi

Vicki Neele

John Zobec

FIVE candidates will contest Campaspe Shire’s Kyabram ward next month.

All were invited to take part in a questionnaire with Henry Russell Longuehaye-Hooper the only candidate to refuse after being unable to access the questions in advance.

The rest of the responses are below in ballot order.

Neil Pankhurst

I think the public have probably a negative image of council but that’s not only local government that’s all levels of government.

And I think that’s one of the challenges council has to have better conversations with the community so they understand some of the challenges faced by council and the services we actually deliver.

Vicki Neele

It varies across the shire.

I think the shires before amalgamation were an entity and they are still feeling a sense of loss of power and ownership.

And so I think that then sometimes relates to looking at the negatives more than the positives.

The negatives seem more obvious.

In Kyabram (before amalgamation) you could go down to the shire offices. You’ve lost that sort on instant touch and there’s not that same connection so therefore perhaps there is some dissatisfaction.

John Zobec

IN MY area of Kyabram they are not really impressed.

I think it goes back to seeing us as a closed council and one that does all our business behind closed doors.

I think we need to work on that part.

Neil Repacholi

WELL the latest survey done at council saw a decrease in performance levels as judged by ratepayers.

And I served on council when we had performance measures that were the highest in our large rural council’s group (roughly 2000-2004).

So that’s gone from best to worse.

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