What should council be doing for Kyabram?

September 30, 2016

Neil Pankhurst

Neil Repacholi

Vicki Neele

John Zobec

FIVE candidates will contest Campaspe Shire’s Kyabram ward next month.

All were invited to take part in a questionnaire with Henry Russell Longuehaye-Hooper the only candidate to refuse after being unable to access the questions in advance.

The rest of the responses are below in ballot order.

Neil Panhkurst

THERE’S no real single items that I see are needed.

Certainly there’s been lots delivered in the last term, with the industrial estate, completion of the street scape works, significant investment in drainage upgrades to protect the town from flooding.

So it’s probably more background stuff we need to continue working there.

There is good residential development occurring in Kyabram at the moment with some new estates just opening up.

So it’s about making sure we have a good organisation that is able to respond to the community and the needs as they arise.

Vicki Neele

ONE of the things I think should happen is that all of the smaller communities should have a development officer located in their town that is there to support the community.

A councillor can’t do that.

They are there about policies and to enable things to happen – not to make it happen.

A development officer can make it happen.

They could be part-time and would have the community interest at their heart.

I also think the Fauna Park needs to be recognised as the second biggest tourism attraction in the shire and get funding to endorse that status.

I also support the current playgroup strategy ... but I would like to see it done in a more timely manner but when you get a committee that is prepared to put in a lot of effort they should be given support to make that happen.

A development officer would also help that.

John Zobec

WELL we seem to have specific issues with our drainage that needs to be finalised and finished.

I don’t like what’s happening with the new industrial park. We don’t have firefighting services, nor do we have sufficient water supply to attract large businesses.

I think that’s a negative.

The other thing I think Ky needs is the Fauna Park revamped. It’s starting to look a bit dated.

Neil Repacholi

I THINK development has slowed in Kyabram, mainly relating to the dairy industry.

We need a combined effort into expanding the support for industry development – of existing business and new businesses – which will create jobs for our young people.

And we need to better support not for profits and community and sporting groups.

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